Boerewors in Holland

Boerewors in Holland

by Dorine on 5 August 2013 In Food

In 2010 I volunteered via VSO in Namibia. When I met Jaco I quickly became one of his family. This meant that I was also introduced to their food and one dish in particular, boerewors. This is a traditional South African sausage and delicious, especially when prepared on the BBQ, better known to them as a braai and it’s huge.

Back in Namibia Jaco’s parents would make the boerewors themselves, but since we have been back in The Netherlands we haven’t been able to enjoy it as much as we would like. It is quit hard to get a hold of, but one of the places that you can, is Die Spens in Amersfoort.

About 2 weeks ago summer finally arrived in Holland and we decided to celebrate by having a BBQ. We picked out a nice pick-nick spot on the grass behind our apartment building and set up our Little Pink Braai!

Goats cheese, walnut and honey pockets

As a starter I made goats cheese pockets. On some aluminium-foil, cut some goats cheese in t0 little squares, add walnuts and cover with honey. Close the aluminium-foil into a pocket and place on the BBQ to heat up. Just long enough for the cheese to melt. When its done, carefully take it of the heat en spread on sliced baguette.

Boerewors on the BBQ / Braai

While we enjoyed the nutty cheesy bread, Jaco placed the boerewors on the BBQ to cook.


As we enjoyed the sausage with a fresh salad,  just for a moment, it felt like I was back in Namibia!