Green asparagus quiche

Green asparagus quiche

by Dorine on 10 September 2013 In Food,Recipes

When I read the recipe for a green asparagus quiche, I thought to myself, I have to try this. I just love white asparagus, have never tried the green ones before. Thus a great opportunity to try it out in a beautiful savoury pie.

Green asparagus quiche piece on oven tray

I enjoy baking quiches, but it is a real challenge to create a well baked pastry for the bottom, but this time it turned out quite successful.

Green asparagus quiche opened

Jaco made a really nice short dough that I blind baked in the oven (the pastry covered with baking paper and weighted down with dry rice so that it doesn’t turn completely brown)

Green asparagus quiche from the top

When the filling was done, I poured the filling, made from eggs, grated cheese and crème fraiche, over the pre-cooked green asparagus and fried bacon. I placed it in the pre-heated (180°C) oven. While the quiche was baking, I made a fresh green salad to enjoy with it.