Photo exhibition at the Liniepad Festival

by Jaco on 6 October 2013 In Events,News,Photography,Video

Two weeks ago I had the chance to display some of my personal work at the Liniepad Festival, held at Fort Altena near Sleeuwijk.

It’s always nerve racking to showcase your work, and this was only my second time. It took me and Dorine the better half of Friday to hang and place al the photos in this really old pre world war bunker, better known as “bunker D”.

Bunker D

But all the hard work was worth it. It was a great experience and a lot of fun to do. I also got a lot of good and positive feedback from the few people that I spoke to. I made a short walk around video to give you a feel for the bunker and the mood it set for the exhibition. (video at the top)

The exhibition also gave me the opportunity to extend my reportage, Farmer’s Life, that was shot in Namibia. This time round I made one in The Netherlands, The Milk Farmer and I got to work with Ron from Melk-Drive on his self sustained organic milk farm. The reportage shows the daily life on the milk farm, but also shows the efficiency and freedom that can be accomplished. It is also a good contrast against the Farmer’s Life in Namibia.

The photo collections that were on display:


Here is a few photos from the event made by my good friend and wonderful photographer Claudia Broekhoff:


A few additional panoramic photos of the exhibition in Bunker D:


Special thanks to Dorine, Hanviskie and everybody that made it possible for me to showcase my personal work.