Farmer’s Life: Nederland

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When I was asked to show my work at the 2013 Liniepad Festival we also discussed a contrasting reportage, because most of my personal work up until now has been shot in Namibia. It quickly became apparent what I favoured and decided to compare A day in the life of a farmer in Namibia with “A day in the life of a farmer in The Netherlands.

I came in contact with Ron, the owner of Melk-drive, a self sustained organic milk farm. After a day on the farm (armed with my camera, some overalls and work-boots) I was able to capture the daily life and learn the basic ins and outs of a Dutch farmer. The differences were easily spotted when compared to Namibia, but it was the similarities that took me by surprise.

Yes, the amount of space used is greatly different and the number of people needed to run the farm differs, but the basic love and respect for the animals and what they do are the same. Heck, even some of the problems are the same.

This project gave me as an outsider the opportunity to see how things are done here and compare it to how I grew up.