Farmer’s Life

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A day in the life of a farmer in Namibia, also known as my dad. In this series of photo’s, there are a couple of pictures that I have been planning to do for ages, but never got around to doing. Until my last trip back home. I worked with my dad to create this story of his ideal job and world.

Only as we where shooting I realized the reality of it all. This is no fantasy world, this is real life and it is hard and disappointing at times. This feeling hit me really hard when a saw the expression of disbelieve on my fathers face as he stood helpless next to a dead sheep. What caused it, was it the draught of the past year or is it another prowling jackal? This was the turning point for me, no more fantasy, I want to capture the truth and show it to the world.

I ended up with a reportage that I am really proud of! It shows all the beautiful and fulfilling things in a farmer’s life, but also the lesser things in life. I have also found that the views of each person that looks at it has different meanings on what they find beautiful or not.

Thus, I have achieved what I set out to do in the first placed. Photographed my dad’s utopia!