Little Italy

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Inspired by my new cook book, Jamie’s Italy, I set out to create a spread or series of 8 photos.

What is Italian food? I know I like it, or the idea of it. I have never been to Italy, but think that I have a good understanding of what Italian food is or do I? I dove deep into the book for research on the matter. Have I found it? Can it be this simple? I came down to the fact that it was basic recipes made with good produce and bursting with flavour.

The challenge was to make a three course meal with one of my favourite dishes, but add a twist to it and round it of with with a simple starter, to die for dessert and some great wine. O, and it had to be very easy to make!

As a starter or antipasto, I went very basic, just some freshly baked bread, olive oil and basil leaves. For the mains I went for Bolognese sauce with pasta, but instead of incorporating the mince in the sauce completely, I also added it in the form of meatballs at the end. I topped it all off with some grated parmesan cheese, fresh basil and freshly ground salt and pepper. And the “to die for” dessert, non other than tiramisu with a glass of sweet cherry.

Even though these were very basic recipes, it was packed with flavour and made great subjects to be photographed.

I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as I enjoyed making them!